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Smarthome provide the ultimate elegance by providing minimal visibility of wires and bulky equipments with the use of camouflaging speakers, using highest standards and materials to match  client’s interiors with sleek design that blends with home décor.

Before it was technology … now it’s a lifestyle.

It’s time to step back from the ordinary and rediscover your lifestyle. With RESOUND ART Wall Speakers you can experience the luxury of a stylish décor with different themes to best suit your interiors in all parts of the house; in the living room , bedroom, home cinema; office lobby, office suite, reception area; for hotels, restaurants, café.. Your choices are limitless.

Imagine having art decors hanging on your walls that give you the perfect music to listen to. The miracle has been achieved by Resound Art Wall Speakers that double as wall art. As Resound offers a set with Two Front speakers , Two Back Speakers and a center speaker with two subwoofers for a perfect music listening.

The speakers look like a canvas hanging on a wall, and the art can be anything you want: a black-and-white cityscape, cute pets, your favorite artists, landscapes to inspire you, and much more. The part of the beauty of this type of speakers is the ability to choose from an astounding variety of available images and designs, plus a growing collection of art images.

During a particularly dull moment at work, at home or in a café just listen to the music from the speakers, just like real picture frames, you can have different images on different speakers which helps boost your emotions at that moment. The overall simplicity of images and patterns, and the exceptional sound quality make this Resound Speakers a work of art.


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2011 Resound Cover Sets
2011 Resound Cover Sets

Resound Ceiling Speaker Manual:
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