Resound Wall Art Speaker Installation

Resound Wall Art Speaker Installations

Resound Art Wall Speakers and subwoofers can be arranged in a number of ways to create  music for both residential and commercial needs for music and home theater systems that looks as beautiful as it sounds.

Resound Speakers hang like picture Frames for that camouflage effect providing a sleek design to blend with interiors. You can arrange your speakers and subwoofers  to compliment your furnishings and wall interiors. Installation made easy as shown in this presentation.

Resound’s full-frequency loudspeakers provides great performance in either a home theater or a multiroom audio system. It is compact and designed to fit conveniently in any room while delivering deep bass.

Whether for big-screen home theater, serious music listening or casual, family-room relaxation, you can't have truly great sound without great bass. And to achieve great bass you need to deploy the right tool for the mission: a powerful, deep-reaching subwoofer that's been carefully engineered for optimal low-frequency reproduction.

As Resound offers a set with Two Front speakers , Two Back Speakers and a center speaker with two subwoofers for a perfect music listening.



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2011 Resound Cover Sets
2011 Resound Cover Sets

Resound Ceiling Speaker Manual:
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